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August 2024 Plebe Parent Weekend

August 2024 – Georgia Parent Club Reform meeting & Football watch party

September 2024  2/C Parent Weekend

September 2024  All Academy Day at  Warner Robbins

November  2024 Club meeting and Commissioning 101 info 

December 2024 Georgia’s All Academy Ball 

February  2025 – Dark Ages Goody Bags prepared and delivered to all GA Mids

February 2025  Commissioning 101 at USNA – vendors/speakers. All classes welcome.

April  2025 All Academy Day – high schoolers considering academy application – Dobbins Air Force Base

March 2025 “Meals for Mids” Dinner out for our GA Mids in Annapolis

May 2025 Firstie Parents Luncheon

May 24, 2024 Class of 2024 Commissioning 

June 2024: Welcome Class of 2028 Georgia Plebe Picnic

June 2024: IDAY Class of 2028


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