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May 24, 2024 – Class of 2024 Commissioning!

Commissioning 2024 Schedule.

June 6, 2024: Governors Service Academy Send off & Luncheon

more info to come

June  8, 2024: Welcome Aboard Georgia Class of 2028 Plebes

We welcome our 2028 parents and their sons and daughters to the GA USNA club! Parents and current mids will answer questions about all things USNA!
Date: Saturday, June 8, 2-4pm
Location : First Baptist Church, Woodstock

June 27, 2024: Class of 2028 IDAY

August 8-11 2024: Plebe Parent Weekend at USNA

Plebe Parents’ Weekend happens at the six-week mark of Plebe Summer. That will be Aug 8-11, 2024 next year. Plebes are released to families each day… after noon formation on Friday (you can also watch their PEP workout at 5:45am on Friday), after the Formal Parade on Saturday morning, and Sunday morning. They must report back to Bancroft each evening. They will remain in uniform in public and in their PT clothes in private. They will likely want to sleep, eat, and relax. It is best to make hotel/rental home reservations early. It is not essential to be right next to USNA. Plebes will want some space and want to avoid running into detailers. Plebe Summer will continue for one more week after PPW and conclude when the Brigade reforms, company leadership takes over from detailers, and everyone prepares for the start of the academic year.

August  2024 – Georgia Parent Club Reform meeting 

Georgia Parents Club Reform Meeting
A perfect day enjoying the fellowship of our Georgia Naval Academy family with Academy updates, welcome our new plebe parents, meet alumni, club calendar review

September 2024 – Class of 2026 2/C Parent Weekend at USNA

2nd Class Parents’ Weekend offers an exceptional opportunity for parents to visit with their midshipman in the historic surroundings of the Academy and the town of Annapolis and to expand their knowledge of the traditions, academic life and unique atmosphere of the Naval Academy.

November  2024 – GA Commissioning 101 Info Event: 

  • Don’t miss this event to find out everything about how commissioning week works no matter what year your Mid is currently!
  • Commissioning 101 event in Georgia for all GA mid families
    Includes info from USNA and a panel of  parents discuss their Commissioning Week experiences and providing advice to help guide us with our Commissioning Week planning. Informal with lots of opportunities for Q&A.
  • Here is the Alumni Association Commissioning 101 from February 2023 link to the presentation!
    Presented by the USNA Alumni Association and Foundation on their parent page.
  • USNA alumni Commissioning 101 2024 is February 17, 2024 at the new Alumni Center. Go to USNA.com/events for more info and to register.

USNA GA Mids Ball  December  2024

The Georgia USNA Ball is a night of dinner, dancing and recognition of all USNA attendees with a guest speaker.
Midshipmen  wear their Mess Dress – this is a unique opportunity to join them as they celebrate in their formal attire.
More info about 2024 Ball to be announced. Sponsorships needed and welcome! usnapcgaexec@gmail.com

February 2025 – Dark Ages Goody Bags prepared and delivered to ALL GA Mids

As our Georgia Mids navigate a new semester in the overcast, cold, and dreary days of winter before spring – we send them a goody bag to let them know we are thinking of them and that brighter days are ahead.

February 2025 – Commissioning 101 in Annapolis

Attention all parents and families of Plebe, youngster and 2/C Mids that are in planning mode for your Mids commissioning week.  Commissioning 101 event in Annapolis is usually held mid February each year. Keep an eye on USNA.com/events
This is a half day event of presentations and a vendor fair at the New Fluegel Alumni Center.

March 2025 – Meals for GA Mids – Spring Meal for our GA Mids

We provide a meal on the yard for our GA mids!

May 2025 Firstie Parent Luncheon:

Luncheon honoring our Georgia Firstie parents and their midshipman’s journey. ALL GA USNA parent club members are invited!

All dates, info are scheduled to change, please check back often!
All events require Georgia parent volunteers! Email us if interested in helping!

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